Michael Meow by Jubi

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Known for his incredible crab toys, Taiwanese designer Jubi expands his range with his upcoming Michael Meow soft vinyl art toy. Doing his best teen wolf impression in a blue and yellow letterman jacket, the energetic cat eats a balanced diet of crab (in a can) when he can’t snag a whole fish on his own.

Did we mention Michael Meow’s excited expression? The animated head sculpt is a winner, with wide, googly style eyes and that tongue. The whiskers are a nice touch as well. What mischief lies in his wide grin and focused gaze?

The fun continues on the back of the figure from the crab graphic on the jacket to the head silhouette which definitely recalls the artist’s previous crab toys as does the unusual tail. Finally, yes, the cat is magnetic, well at least his hand is. This allows Michael meow to hold his half-eaten fish and canned crab.

The Michael Meow vinyl art toy (5.31″) is available now as a special Taiwan-only pre-order for NT2700 ($91.74). The international release will follow after the Taiwan drop.