Isle of Misfit Toys Exclusive Metallic Blue B1 Spacer by Arctong Toys

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Miami-based Isle of Misfit Toys has launched its exclusive Metallic Blue B1 Spacer vinyl art toy from Arctong Toys. Cloaked in a beautiful, brilliant metallic blue, the chameleon-like alien is right at home in its cosmic element. With pivoting (magnetic) eyes and a geometric spacesuit patterned after leaves, B1 Spacer stands out as a uniquely designed art toy.

Starting off slowly with a few initial editions, B1 Spacer has come into its own lately, picking up the pace with several stylish editions including this Metallic Blue exclusive. To date the retailer exclusives have focused on metallic finishes and small edition sizes—68 vs the typical 199 pieces.

An edition of 68 pieces, the B1 Spacer Metallic Blue art toy is available exclusively from the Isle of Misfit Toys for $135.