Gashadokuro Plush Guts 8″ Dunny – White Edition by Kidrobot

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Following the now sold-out release of the Gashadokuro Black edition comes the retail White edition of the 8″ plush guts Dunny from Kidrobot. The new edition features a white embedded plush skeleton inside the clear plastic Dunny shell. Matching the Black edition’s GID deco, the White Edition counters with glow in the plush material itself. Inspired by the Japanese folklore of the ‘starving skeleton’ yokai, the Gashadokuro Dunny updates the concept with the fun plastic and plush combo.

The Gashadokuro Plush Guts 8″ Dunny – White Edition art toy is available from select retailers including Tenacious Toys, Rotofugi, and myplasticheart for $50 as well as direct from Kidrobot.