Elfie Drink by Too Natthapong x Unbox Industries

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Just in time to beat the heat, the Elfie Cafe introduces the new Elfie Drink blindbox series from Too Natthapong x Unbox Industries. The refreshing series features mini drink figures with fun Elfie-shaped lids and cute character-shaped ice cubes, lemon slices and boba, all visible through the translucent cups. As you might expect, the various designs riff of popular soda, tea and other beverage brands.

The promo images suggest that the ice cubes and other accessories are removable from the cups. Perhaps the images were created to showcase the drink contents rather than illustrate a display possibility. Adding to the intrigue is the video which hints at a fun possibility: a light-up function which would allow better viewing of the cleverly designed accessories.

The Elfie Drink series will be released on Saturday (8.15) at 8 AM PDT from the Unbox Industries online shop.