Be-Unio Unio by 009 x How2work

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009’s (Jackie Lam) spacey Unio vinyl art toy returns with the new Be-Unio edition from How2work. Be-Unio features a riff on the classic green/purple combo with a heavy dose of blank spot silver accents. The silver bone deco on the sleeves is very much in line with the venom/poison interpretation of the green and purple mix.

While it might be tempting to file Unio under the ‘Space’ label, there’s more to the story with a design that has a quirky retro feel from the oval helmet to the impossibly flat boots. And of course, there’s the unexpected riff on the classic ipod which takes the place of a backpack—unfortunately not seen in these pics.

For western collectors, the Be-Unio Unio vinyl art toy (8″) is currently available from myplasticheart for $139.99. It’s quite possible it will appear at select other retailers in How2work’s distribution network.