3oz Canbot Kickstarter Enters Home Stretch

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With with nearly $200k already pledged by collectors, red hot 3oz Canbot Series 1 Kickstarter campaign is entering the home stretch in anticipation of reaching the 1000% stretch goal before the fundraising ends on Friday (9.4). Bringing UK artist Czee13’s Canbot graffiti art toy into the addictive word of blindbox minis, the 3oz Canbot Series 1 features a talented lineup of sixteen artists— Andrea KangChris RWK, Czee13, DalekDurothethirdFlying FortressMAD*L, MAR2INAMrKumKumNicky DavisIn Prime We TrustQUICCSRiiisa BoogieSket-One and the Toy Mafia. And yes, the new minis have the beloved spray can rattle.

The Kickstarter campaign features several exclusive including a 3oz GID Canbot exclusive ($20) with an Illuminati-inspired design, a 5oz GID Canbot ($75) with Czee13’s classic design, and the 5oz Blessbot ($80) featuring a ‘Jade’ marbled design.

In addition to going sensationally small with the 3oz editions, Canbot is also going BIG with the 40oz Mega Canbot in Czee13’s OG design and the Mint Choco edition by QUICCS. Both of these there are available as Kickstarter add-ons ($250 for Czee13, $251 for QUICCS).

More? You bet. The 3oz Canbot Kickstarter is your first opportunity to pick up the brand-new Mechbot in Czee13’s debut Paint Attack! edition. Originally designed by Freakyfir, the 9″ mechanical marvel is designed to fit any of the 5″ Canbot (heads) as a pilot. The Mechbot is shown in all-black in the 3D-rendered video below.

Even More? So demanding 🙂 Clutter has your back with the Canbot Series 1 Competition. One winning design chosen from the artist-submitted entries will become part of Series 1. To vote for your favorite head on over to the competition page. Voting ends on Wednesday (9.2) at 8:59 PM PDT.

The 3oz Canbot Kickstarter offer various multi-pack rewards including the Canbot Street Pack (3 blindboxes, $33) and the Canbot Throwie Pack which inclues 4 blindbox plus the 3oz GID Kickstarter exclusive for just $48. With some quick math, the Throwie Pack is a great value as you’re getting the GID exclusive for an additional $4. Compared to the suggested retail of $15/blindbox, all the Canbot rewards offer an excellent chance to stretch your Canbot cash.

Intrigued? Head on over to the 3oz Canbot Kickstarter, but be quick, the campaign ends on Friday (9.4) at 11 AM PDT. The rewards are slated to ship out in January 2021.