Tenacious Toys Exclusive Puck – Little Painter by Chris Dokebi x Strangecat Toys

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Fresh off his recent debut, the mischievous Puck – Little Painter returns in a new Tenacious Toys exclusive edition from Chris Dokebi x Strangecat Toys. An updated, urban version of the Korean dokebi goblins, the new Puck edition features a blue design, Tenacious Toys’ signature color, with black and purple accents. Disguised by his distinct dokebi mask, Puck is ready to express himself, spray can in hand, through his art.

An edition of 100, the Tenacious Toys Exclusive Puck – Little Painter vinyl art toy (5.12″) will be released on Friday (7.3) at 9 AM PDT from Tenacious Toys for $75 each. The new edition follows the OG (red) Puck released back in June.