100% Soft’s Dumpster Fire Special 2020 Edition Rocks A Mask

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It’s only fitting that the toy mentioned by many as the figure that best captures this chaotic, virus-laden disaster of a year is donning a mask for protection and a few laughs along the way. The new Dumpster Fire Special 2020 Edition from Truck Torrence’s 100% Soft features a new light blue colorway and comes with a white face covering that fits perfectly around it’s ‘head’. Charming and clever.

An edition of 200, the Dumpster Fire Special 2020 Edition (3.5″) is available for pre-order from 100% Soft for $25 and is slated to ship in September 2020. In addition to bringing lighthearted fun to collectors, this Dumpster Fire has a big heart. A portion of the sales proceeds will be donated to DirectRelief, a non-profit organization working to assist people affected by poverty and disasters.