Vomit Kid (Fast Food Purple) by Okeh x Mighty Jaxx

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Okeh’s teen without the stomach for greasy food returns with the new Vomit Kid (Fast Food Purple) edition by Mighty Jaxx. While the overall design of the otherwise worry free, somewhat scrawny skater is memorable in its own right, it’s the visceral vomit—translucent!—that puts Okeh’s design over the top. Of the colorways to date, this purple and blue combo is right at the top of our list.

The Vomit Kid (Fast Food Purple) vinyl art toy (8”) will be available for pre-order this Saturday (6.6) at 6 AM PST direct from Mighty Jaxx for $149 (shipping included). As a nice bonus, the figure comes with a retro iron-on patch. This one is slated to ship in October 2020.