Sank The Child Action Figures by Sank Toys

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Sank the Child beings a new chapter of solitude with the upcoming Sank Toys Action Figures from Sank Toys. With fabric clothing and detailed gear (helmet, flares, aerosol can), the 1/6 style figures offer a more dynamic look at the deep sea diver in comparison to the more minimalist previous resin and soft vinyl versions. The promo video below gives a nice tease of the intricate details including the Sank-branded air tank strapped to the back of the figure.

The Sank Action Figures will debut in two editions—Obsidian and Blues. Further developing the character’s story which resolves around loneliness, the new figures come with mini stuffed doll accessories. From what we can tell, the Obsidian edition comes with the bear while the Blues edition includes the rabbit. There’s not long to wait to see and learn more as both Blues and Obsidian (01 & 02) are set to release ‘next week’.