Release: The Great Showdowns: Arctic Creature Set by Scott C.

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At the beginning of the month we mentioned the upcoming Great Showdowns action figure art toy set from Scott C. which humorously reinterprets the classic horror film, The Thing. The previously postponed release now has an official name, The Great Showdowns Toy Set: Arctic Creature (Edition of 50), and is now set to drop on Wednesday (6.24) at 10 AM PDT from the artist’s web shop for $175 each. The set features a signed, oversized 12×9″ card back.

Sculpted once again by George Gaspar of Double G toys, this is the first Great Showdowns set to feature two full-sized figures rather than the previous mix of one large figure and a smaller figure. Actually, the new set goes beyond two full-sized figures with the Arctic Creature standing a whopping 4.75″ tall.