Puck ‘Little Painters’ OG Ed. by Chris Dokebi x Strangecat Toys

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Chris Dokebi’s (Chris Sammons) art features his urban take on dokebi, mischievous goblins from Korean folklore. Whether they are just hanging out, skateboarding or trying their hand at street art, the little masked ones stir up just a bit of trouble. Now, the artist’s dokebi characters are about to wreak new havoc as art toys produced by Strangecat Toys.

First out of the chute is the Puck Little Painter OG Edition vinyl art toy. With spray can in hand, this little graffiti imp is ready to paint the town (and everything else) red. Named after the pivotal character in Shakespeare’s Midsummer Night’s Dream, Puck comes to life with his wickedly sculpted mask. With pointy horns, sharp teeth, and stylized earpieces, the fun, 3D-forward design draws us into Puck’s impish world.

An edition of 100, the Puck Little Painter OG vinyl art toy (5″) drops on Saturday (6.20) at 7:30 AM PDT from Strangecat Toys for $75 each.