Jiangshizilla Lottery by Ron English x BlackBook Toy

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BlackBook Toy brings back the Jiangshi Mousezilla (Jiangshizilla) fan favorite in a new micro run edition. Previously only available at conventions and shows, this lottery release is the first time they’ve been available online. This run of the Jiangshi (Chinese Zombie) inspired version of Ron English’s Mousezilla sofubi features three blue figures on clear vinyl and 2 black figures.

True to the classic Jiangshi films, the Jiangshizilla figures feature the iconic yellow paper talisman. Painted in house by BBT’s Melo, each figure has different color eyes, a fancy ‘hemp’ pattern on the collar and humorous, fun illustrations on the torso. The transformation of the spines of the figure into the braided queue hair style is a nice touch as well. As a bonus, each Jiangshizilla will come with an unpainted Mousezilla mini in one of four random colors: black, clear, translucent pink and GID (yellow glow).

With one set aside for Ron English, four Jiangshi Mousezilla sofubi toys are available for ¥31,000 ($289) each via email lottery until Sunday (6.21) at 7:59 AM PDT. To enter drop an email to BlackBook Toy with a subject of “Jiangshi Mousezilla lottery application” and be sure to include your Full Name, Mailing Address with Zip Code, Telephone number, PayPal address, the name of the figure you want (Jiangshi Mousezilla) and optionally your Instagram, Facebook or Twitter name as a backup means of communication. The figures will be sold ‘blind’ meaning collectors will not be able to pick the color.