Eternal 1984 Brings Da Funk with ‘Project Discovery’

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Eternal 1984’s Project Discovery celebrates the futuristic electronic music duo with inspired vinyl art toy versions (6″)of both performers, known worldwide for their iconic robot helmets. The figures are a fun, creative take on the duo’s robotic roots from their Discovery album (1999). Both figures riff off G and T’s robot origins with retro designs that expand on the concept. While G’s red cape adds flair to his black/gold cyberpunk suit, T steals the show with his massive purple keyboard strapped to his back, audio jacks in hand. Pushing the cybernetic concept, T’s exposed neck reveals the bundle of purple and blue wires powering his performance.

Eternal 1984 is set to announce the Project Discovery pre-order release details on Thursday (6.25) at 2 PM PDT as part of their takeover of the DesignerCon Instagram account.