The Many Headed Hag by John Kenn Mortensen x Unbox Industries

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John Kenn Mortensen continues his longtime collaboration with Unbox Industries with this weekend’s pre-order release of his The Many Head Hag vinyl toy. As with his previous releases, Mortensen’s newest figure brings one of his chilling post-it artworks to life. Like the Three Witches before it, the ‘The Many Headed Hag’ confronts the viewer with a sense of being outnumbered with not one, but a group of withered evil beings, in this case all part of one twisted beast. Adding to the horror, this debut edition features a black as night design that fades into a ghostly, translucent trail at the bottom.

The ‘The Many Headed Hag’ art toy (9.45”) emerges from the dense fog this Saturday (4.16) at 8 AM PDT from Unbox’s online shop for $100. While the figure is slated to ship in July 2020, expect delays due to the ongoing pandemic which has dramatically slowed parcels departing from Hong Kong.