Superplastic Teases Janky S3

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During Thursday’s virtual dinner live stream for the winners of the ‘Dining with the Dons’ contest, Superplastic revealed three of the designs from the upcoming Janky Series 3. The teases included looks at Jankys from Anna Cattish, Junko Mizuno, and Pete Fowler. Thanks to some quick screen grabs from Superplastic collector CustomJanky, here’s a look at the new Jankys.

For her first Janky, Anna Cattish has reinterpreted the Nana the Shrimp character—from the HonkFu brand she co-founded—for the smooth, simpler toy shape. While pared down, the character’s pink and blue (the lips!) hues and the lightning ‘Nana’ tee reveal her identity.

Junko Mizuno’s design features a striking pink butterfly (?) design with newly sculpted wings instead of arms. But it’s the tongue that really sticks out here. Her new Janky brings on the sass and the fun.

Finally, Pete Fowler returns to Janky with a design that seems to be inspired by his Hench figure (also by Superplastic) with a deep purple, flowing beard. Dig the art deco fashion, funky glasses and the brass knuckles.