Raabiit Vinyl Debut + Handmade Clown Editions by ABAO

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ABAO’s Raabiit will be the center of attention this weekend with not one, but two releases in two different materials. First up is the awaited curiously surreal bunny in soft vinyl via Unbox Industries. This new production vinyl edition (4.5″) debuts with the Blue Eyes Edition featuring a white + blue design with the signature stacked pair of eyes, little on top of big, and four ‘arms’.

In addition to Raabiit’s vinyl debut, Unbox will also release the handmade Raabiit (Clown Edition) featuring a lovely hand-painted, vintage style design. The red, black, and white design features stylized clown makeup, black tears and ruffled cloth collar. The special edition will include a cloth bag for stylish storage.

Both the Raabiit ‘Blue Eyes’ vinyl art toy ($45, 4.5″) and the Raabiit ‘Clown Edition resin art toy ($65, 4″) will be released on Saturday (5.16) at 8 AM PDT from the Unbox Industries web shop. While figures are slated to ship in July transit will likely be slowed due to the degraded postal service out of Hong Kong.