New Strangers by Flawtoys

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Flawtoys’ signature Stranger resin art toy returns with five new editions. For those looking for a floral flourish, the Rosecast Strangers (7″) in both Dark Red and Blue/White feature immaculately cast clear figures with flowers seemingly floating effortlessly within the classic-sized Stranger.

In contrast with the Rosecast editions, the Mini Stranger – Stellar Dreams editions offer a compact, cosmic experience. The new minis will be available in a trio of colorways: Clear with Blue flake, Smoke with Rainbow flake and Dark Smoke with Green flake.

The new Stranger art toys will be released on Thursday (5.21) at 8 AM PDT from Flawtoys with the Rosecast Strangers available for €110 ($119) and the Mini Stranger – Stellar Dreams available individually for €28 ($30) each or as a set for €70 ($76).