Custom ‘Anger Issues’ Raffle by Matt Gondek x Josh Mayhem

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Matt Gondek and Josh Mayhem have collaborated on a custom version of Gondek’s Anger Issues vinyl art toy, available via raffle. The colorful, wind-swept custom features Mayhem’s signature ‘Blown Away’ aesthetic with a twist. Rather than straight strips, this custom features wavy strips, seemingly fluttering in the wind. The custom is a vibrant take on Gondek’s Anger Issues toy—first released at his Control solo (2019)—featuring a bad fowl interpretation of the most famous of ducks.

The Custom Anger Issues art toy (12″) is available via an online raffle from Matt Gondek’s online store for $5 per ticket. The raffle closes on Sunday, May 3rd at 12 PM. The odds of winning are based on the number of tickets sold.

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