Astro Gaki 03/04 by JT. Studio

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JT. Studio has just unleashed the latest models in the Astro Gaki 1/6 series: 03 + 04. Both of the new devilish types feature an all-new hoodie/jersey design and of course, a spiked tail. WM.03 AKA Devil Breaker embraces the new styling with a crimson red design complete with red light-up eyes and blasters (behind the hands). Clad in all black, the covert WM.04 AKA Ghost Raider prefers to slip in and out rather than engaging in a fiery display.

Editions of 99, Astro Gaki 03 and Astro Gaki 04 are available for pre-order directly from JT. Studio for $280 each (shipping included). The figures do not include the batteries (AG1 x 6) to power up onboard vision and weapon system. Expect shipping delays due to the logistical issues caused by the Covid-19 pandemic.

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