Anatomical Maguro X-Ray by Chino Lam x Jason Freeny x Instinctoy

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Instinctoy has quickened pulses with its atmospheric video sneak peek of the upcoming Anatomical Maguro X-Ray by Chino Lam x Jason Freeny. The new figure features Chino Lam’s signature Maguro figure in an all-new striking sculpt which showcases Jason Freeny’s anatomical treatment in dramatic fashion. Freeny has taken Maguro down to the bone from the neck to the waist with the exposed half of the spine floating freely. As if to emphasize that a portion of Maguro has been literally cleaved away, all that remains of the fish’s upper left arm is an exposed bone joint.

As the third figure in Instinctoy’s upcoming X-Ray line, Maguro X-Ray features the line’s chill design scheme with ice-like translucent blue vinyl and GID skeleton. Maguro joins the King Korpse X-Ray by James Groman and Muckey X-Ray by Instinctoy x Jason Freeny. The only downside to the Maguro X-Ray reveal is the wait as Instinctoy has yet to decide on a release date.