A Full Look at the Boba & Mando Mega TEQs by QUICCS x Martian Toys

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A day after the initial promo teaser for the Boba & Mando Mega TEQs, comes a full reveal with multiple angles and detail shots of the new 12” Star Wars-inspired vinyl art toys from QUICCS x Martian Toys. A natural fit for the TEQ63 design, the seamless intergalactic bounty hunter mashups deliver on the must-have concept. The closeups showcase the crisp deco and execution to seal the deal.

Both editions drop out of hyperspace on Monday, May 4th at 11:59 PM EDT (8:59 PM PDT) direct from Martian Toys with the Boba Mega TEQ at $200 and the Boba & Mando 2-pack at $400. The Mando Mega TEQ will not be offered separately. The timing balances a celebration of the quasi-holiday with the TEQ Tuesday tradition.

Looking through the promo images we couldn’t help but notice the comparison shot of the Boba Mega TEQ next to a super small version. Boba Micro TEQ anyone? Hmmm. May the 4th be with you.

Given the triple threat of TEQ63, Boba & Mando and TEQ63 we expect these to sell out in the blink of an eye. If you’d like to stack the odds in your favor, check out Martian Toy’s Advance Release Offer (ARO) program. Basically, purchases of select art toys will include virtual ARO tokens which can be exchanged for priority access to in-demand drops.