Sentai Maria GID Editions by Soasig Chamaillard x Artoyz

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Artoyz has just released five new Sentai Maria GID editions from French artist Soasig Chamaillard.  Available in five pastel shades (pink, blue, orange, yellow & green) the new GID colorways compliment the original editions. Known for her stylized, pop-culture infused sculptures of the Virgin Mary, the Sentai Maria vinyl art toy is based on Chamillard’s series of Force Rose etc. sculptures. The figures’ ranger heritage can clearly be seen in their visors, gear and uniform colors.

As seen in the glow photo, the editions glow in different colors. It appears that the pink glows a deep blue, blue glows a light blue, green glows a bright neon green, and the orange and yellow have white/off white glows.

Editions of 100, the Sentai Maria GID edition art toys (9.84″) are available now for €69.90 ($76) each directly from Artoyz.