Super Professional TMALL GID Jumbo Edition by Fools Paradise

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After initial previews of a new Super Professional TMALL GID vinyl toy figure which looked similar to the original GID  set release (2018), Fools Paradise has added a fun, game changing detail. The new release is in fact a jumbo, nearly 20″ version of the popular art toy. Unlike previous Super Professional releases, this larger figure will be released as standalone product rather than the Leon + Matilda approach used for the regular-sized toys. This is the latest in a series of collaborations with China-based TMALL.

While the original GID release and this new larger release have extremely similar design scheme, there are some definite changes: the Super Professional’s shirt is now GID versus the previous plain white, his shoes are a much lighter brown and the mushroom plant has a new sculpt with leaves that droop downward rather than to the sides.

For collectors living outside of China, the new Super Professional TMALL GID Edition (19.7″) is now available for pre-order directly from Fools Paradise for $245 (worldwide shipping included). The figure is slated to ship in Q3 2020.