Super Professional TMALL GID Edition by Fools Paradise

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U: The new release is in fact, a jumbo edition (~20″)

Fools Paradise is teasing/previewing a new Super Professional TMALL GID Edition vinyl art toy.  This is the latest in a series of collaborations with China-based TMALL. In fact, at first glance it looks to be identical to the TMALL 1111 Special Edition released back in October.

While both are GID and have extremely similar design schemes, the preview of the new Professional reveals two changes: his shirt is now GID versus the previous plain white and the mushroom plant has a new sculpt with leaves that droop downward rather than to the sides.   It remains to be seen what’s changed with the new edition’s Matilda Peach.

As with previous TMALL collabs, the new Super Professional TMALL GID Edition will be available for pre-order directly (3.13) from Fools Paradise for customers not living in China.  From what has been shown so far, the new edition should probably be viewed as more or less a re-release for those that missed the original GID edition back in 2018.