Shi-Shi the Tiny Guardian Gold Resin Art Toy by Bigshot Toyworks

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Bigshot Toyworks continues to expand its Shi-Shi the Tiny Guardian art toy line with a new Gold Edition of the deluxe 6″ resin version. The new fully-painted edition of the largest Shi-Shi features a shiny gold sheen with realistically rendered facial details (eyes, teeth and tongue). The latest Gold Shi-Shi appears to be slightly darker than the super bright Kickstarter Gold Treasure Idol sofubi (4″) and brighter than the red/brown hue of the gold minis (2-3″). Part of the fun of the Chinese Guardian Lion-inspired line comes from the variety with three sizes, three different materials (PVC, Sofubi, Resin) and four sculpts including the two different mini designs.

Limited to 50 pieces, the Shi-Shi the Tiny Guardian Gold Edition 6″ Resin art toy is available now direct from Bigshot Toy Works’ web shop for $150 each.

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