Sesame Street Classic Series by Pop Mart

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Pop Mart’s new Sesame Street Classic Series features the lovable, personable characters that have entertained and educated generations of children.  Showcasing Pop Mart’s talent at translating characters into engaging minis, the series brings cute and cool versions of Abby, Bert and Ernie, Big Bird, Cookie Monster, Count Von Count, Elmo and Oscar. Fans of Cookie Monster and Elmo will be pleased to know that Cookie Monster makes three appearances and there are four versions of Elmo including the rock ‘n roll Elmo with Guitar chase. A highlight of the series, the action poses of Ernie and Elmo (x2) feature well-balanced sculpts that stand with just one foot on the ground.

The Sesame Street Classic Series blindbox minis is slated to drop on March 28th in China from Pop Mart locations and then to all other regions, except North America. Pop Mart continues to expand its licensing reach, hopefully the next Sesame Street drop will be available in the USA/Canada too. The series features 12 standard designs and the fun Elmo with Guitar chase. As with previous Pop Mart series, a display box features a full set unless it’s one of the elusive boxes with a chase.