Sam Sam The Astronaut by Kennyswork x Three Zero

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Is it wrong to think of Sam Sam The Astronaut by Kennyswork x Three Zero as the follow-up to Space Molly?  While not nearly the sensation (yet) as Molly (what is), Kenny Wong’s Sam Sam is essentially the male version of the character with familiar blond hair and big blue eyes. Following the previous Soldier version, the new Astronaut version features an old-school retro, USA-ish spacesuit complete with ray gun and air tank.

While space as an art toy theme is getting rather congested, Sam Sam’s design hits a sweet spot blending cuteness, technical detail, and flair.  There’s fun, rendered out details here, especially with the elaborate Flash Gordon-style ray gun.  Flair wise there’s the clear air tank with pink/silver balls. And… the ‘ears’ or flaps that fold out from the side of the helmet—very cool.

An edition of 600, Sam Sam the Astronaut (7.3″) vinyl art toy is available from Milk Cargo for $120.

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