Relax Series 1 by Instinctoy x Pop Mart

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Instinctoy has collaborated with Pop Mart on Relax Series 1 featuring mini versions of many of Its popular characters. Drawn from Instinctoy’s releases between 2008 through 2015, the series features chill, laid-back takes on seven of their in-house designed art toys: Halloween Inc, Vincent, Curio, Muckey, Booo-Ma, Gyawo, and Ice Liquid (Chase).  While the new seated Muckeys will likely be sought after given the character’s popularity, the new mini Halloween Inks standout as highlights of the series with their swappable alternate pumpkin heads—a feature rarely seen in a blindbox product.

As is standard for Pop Mart, Relax Series 1 features twelve regular designs and one chase which Is the Floating Ice design based on Ice Liquid. Each display case of 12 boxes features a full set unless it’s a lucky box with the elusive chase. Relax S1 has been released in China and is available for pre-order from select USA retailers including myplasticheart and Strangecat Toys in both individual blindboxes ($16.50) and cases ($188).