Plastic Wars Vol 00/Mechaverita by The Beast Brothers x Ghetto Plastic Toys x Devil Toys

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First released in a very limited fashion as a resin art toy via a Kickstarter campaign (2018), the ambitious Mechaverita from The Beast Brothers x Ghetto Plastic Toys returns in a new vinyl production edition from Devil Toys.   The concept behind Ghetto Plastic Toys’ Plastic Wars is to create toys that respond to and are shaped by each volume’s guest artist. Vol00: Mechaverita features a futuristic take on The Beast Brothers’ Calaverita skull plus a robotic, exoskeleton to empower it.

Shown in proto form at DesignerCon 2019, the new vinyl edition makes its debut in an Orange/Gray design. Standing 8.6″ tall, the Plastic Wars Vol 00: Mechaverita art toy will be available for pre-order on Friday (3.6) at 7 AM PST from the Devil Toys web shop for $85 each.