Plan Two by Han Ning x Aichiaile

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Han Ning, creator of the popular Space Dog, returns with his new Plan Two (蒲兰兔) resin art toy from new brand Aichiaile. Sent by the galactic security council to assist Earth in its time of need, the bunny character features a clever two-sided head with a big-toothed rabbit design on one side and an alternate face on the opposite side’s flat surface. It appears that the head is magnetic, allowing for interesting, unusual poses, such a the head skewed far to one side.

Plan Two (7.9″) debuts in two editions, silver+lavender and black+gold.  Beyond the color differences, the editions have different alternate faces. The silver edition has a loose bunny face while the black edition has a sketch-like, downtrodden human face.  Each comes with a removable, swanky bag accessory.

Limited to 10 pieces, the Plan Two art toys are available for $168 each from Aichiaile via email inquiry.

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