Piggums Kuro Buta(黒豚) by Frank Kozik x BlackBook Toy

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Frank Kozik’s Piggums returns in the new Kuro Bota (黒豚) edition from BlackBook Toy. The newest version of the naughty sailor pig is based on the prized, tasty Berkshire pig which is called Kuro Buta (meaning ‘Black Pig’) in Japan.  Kuro Bota features a black + pink design with gunmetal gray accents (sailor hat, shirt and knife).  The subtly-constrated stripe pattern on the shirt is a nice, stylish touch.

As seen in the pictures above, there’s more to Piggums than meets the eye. Thanks to articulation in the hips and arms, the sly one can sit or stand as well as tuck the blade behind back or brandish it out in front for all to see.

Originally slated for release at the now-cancelled Creature Bazaar, Piggums Kuro Buta (黒豚) will be available on Thursday (3.19) at 8 AM PST for ¥12,650 ($119) each from BlackBook Toy.