Oni-Tayū (太夫) Tiger Blood Edition by Tokyo Jesus x Clutter

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The Oni-Tayū (太夫) Tiger Blood Edition double-cast resin art toy by Japanese artist Tokyo Jesus x Clutter follows the previous OG Smoke and Mirrors edition. Tokyo Jesus’s arresting vision sprung to life from his vivid imagination and talented hands as he conceptualized and sculpted the 12″ figure. While the original version of the artist’s deadly Oiran (Japanese courtesan) dealt in cold gray tones, this new edition brings forth a fiery golden yellow + red palette with a golden (amber-like) outer cast and a pearlescent skeleton within.

The Oni-Tayū (太夫) Tiger Blood Edition art toy (12″) will be available for pre-order on Friday (3.27) at 2 PM for $350 from Clutter’s online shop.