Milk Space Molly Be@rbrick 1000% by Kennyswork x Medicom Toy

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HK-based Milk Magazine continues the celebration of its 18th Anniversary with the just-released Space Molly Be@rbrick 1000% by Kennyswork x Medicom Toy. The new 1000% release follows Milk’s Space Molly GID 100%/400% set released this past December (2019) at their special HK PopUp event. Presumably the final Milk Space Molly Be@rbrick release, the large-format figure (27.5″) slots in nicely alongside the previous set with a nearly identical design. Unfortunately the 1000% is not glow in the dark, so any side by side shots should be reserved to regular light.

The Milk Exclusive Space Molly Be@rbrick 1000% art toy is available now from Milk Cargo for $790 (worldwide shipping included).This will likely be a ‘must buy’ for smitten fans of Kenny Wong’s Molly, especially those that have a soft spot for the Space line.



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