Evil Ape Fink ‘Grape’ by MCA x UVD Toys Gets Closer

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First announced and revealed in unpainted proto form at the beginning of February, the new Evil Ape Fink vinyl art toy from MCA x UVD Toys is well on its way with the arrival of a factory painted vinyl test sample.  The Grape Edition is very purple, as you might expect, and as bananas as we had hoped. As this is a test sample, expect a few minor changes between what you see here and the final release version.

Perhaps our favorite iteration of MCA’s signature character, Evil Ape Fink features a gnarly, feral take on the character with bugged out eyes, dragging tongue, messy hair and more. The 4″ figure features four points of articulation with movable arms and wrists.  While production schedules are always in flux, especially this year due to the global pandemic, UVD is hoping for a Mid to Late Summer release.

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