A Colorful ‘Broken Promise’ Tease by Anthony Ausgang x Munky King

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Munky King first revealed the upcoming Broken Promise art toy by LA-based painter Anthony Ausgang at DesignerCon 2019 this past November.  The 3D-printed proto turned heads with it’s surreal sculpt featuring two of his signature cats literally tearing themselves away from each other—one becoming two again.  As striking as the proto was, the unpainted piece left much to the imagination.

With the release of a full-color 3D render of the upcoming toy, Munky King has further revealed Ausgang’s vision. A refinement of the design, the new render features a redesign of the stretched-out eye(s) and a much larger, more satisfying nose. in true teaser fashion, the render’s angle hides the tenuous handshake between the cats. Perhaps more changes are in the works.

The two-toned blue/green design is drawn from the The Broken Promise (2007) original painting, the inspiration behind the toy  Rather than an exact translation of the original art, the toy carries the concept in a slightly different, more production-friendly form.  With ‘2020’ as the only release date so far, we’re looking forward to more news about this figure.