Tyrannosaurus at 2G by Hajime Sorayama x Medicom Toy x Apportfolio

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Medicom Toy will release Hajime Sorayama’s Tyrannosaurus soft vinyl art toy as part of his upcoming TREX Exhibition (3.13) at Nanzuka’s 2G in Tokyo.  Produced by Nanzuka and Apportfolio, the chromed TRex is quite the beast at nearly 24″ long. Based on the giant, life-sized sculpture shown at the artist’s Bangkok Exhibition (October 2019), the Tyrannosaurus art toy was first released at that show and will now be offered exclusively at 2G.

Hajime Sorayama’s Tyrannosaurus art toy will be available at 2G for ¥ 60,000 ($536), presumably timed with the opening of the exhibition (3.13).