Tenacious Toys Exclusive Aqua Turquoise SuperKranky by Sket-One x Superplastic

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Sket-One’s graffiti-Inspired SuperKranky variant of Superplastic’s Janky has proven to be quite popular, with each color selling out shortly after release.  Inspired by the OG spray paint, Krylon, Sket’s design remakes Janky in the form of the brand’s classic can complete with removable solid color cap, realistic spray nozzle, Sket-ized branding and yes, the classic rattle. Staying true to the source, each edition is named after an actual Kryon color, shown on the cap and printed on the bar code label.

Following the recently released, sold-out Raspberry Edition comes the new Tenacious Toys Exclusive Aqua Turquoise SuperKranky art toy. In honor of the retailer’s blue mascot and branding, the new edition continues Tenacious’  long-line of blue exclusive art toys.  In addition to the figure, Tenacious Toys has created a limited-edition Deluxe Capsule set featuring the SuperKranky along with a matching T-shirt, matching New Era snapback cap and a cotton bandana designed by Sket-One. All three lifestyle items prominently feature the Aqua Turquoise barcode.

Tenacious Toys will release their Exclusive Aqua Turquoise SuperKranky vinyl toys (8″, edition of 200, $90) and the Deluxe Capsule Set (100 sets, $150) on Friday (2.7) at 9 AM PST from their online store. The Set will be available for pre-order from the 7th to the 13th.  The SuperKrankys are slated to ship in March while the sets are expected at the end of March or early April.