Rollis’ 1/24 Art Toy Cars

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We first mentioned Korean brand Rollis’s intriguing art toy character cars slight more than a year ago back in January of 2019. At that time they were in the middle of a Kickstarter campaign to bring their unique line of art toy cars to life with a quirky, fun mix of personable drivers wedged into small compact vehicles based on actual retro motor vehicles.

Fast forward a year later and Rollis has expanded its line from the original 1:18 scale figures to a new smaller, more affordable 1:24 line. They’ve also added many more new designs in the smaller scale, 12 vs the original 4 of the larger format. Everything else remains largely the same, with hand-crafted resin construction and 8 layers of high gloss finish, for that just off the showroom floor shine. While the $250+ price tag of the larger toys might have been a bit too much for a new concept, at $59 the new smaller Rollis cars are much more attractive.

With twelve designs, each person is bound to have their own favorites. We’ve highlighted Spinner, Redstone, Berline.Q, Janus and Pio for their mix of fun character designs and unusual vehicles. From tiny retro compacts,to three-wheel dynamos, the new Rollis car art toys look like a lot of fun.

Both sizes of Rollis’ cars are available direct from their online store with free shipping for orders of $118 or more (two 1:24 cars).