‘Polar Kid’ by Aspencrow

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Moved by the looming climate crisis, hyperrealistic interpretative sculptor Aspencrow has created the arresting Polar Kid resin sculpture. The piece’s human face and appearance brings the plight of the polar bear and the environment as whole, much closer to home. The blank, slightly melancholy expression and downward gaze heighten the sentiment and gravity of the situation. Finally, the inflatable swim ring is a synergistic symbol of the continued destruction of the ice cap.

Available in both Original and Pink editions, the Polar Kid stands 11.8″ tall and is completely handmade.  These are available now, apparently on a sliding price scale as is often seen with fine art multiples with the price rising as the edition sells. Critical to the project and concept, the artist will donate 50% of his income from Polar Kid to the Polar Bears International charity. Please DM the artist for purchase inquiries including the current pricing.