Mini Hoi Ba Long by Black Seed Toys

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Kenneth Tang of Black Seed Toys continues on his own path of forging formidable beasts with deep roots in Asian folklore and ancient architecture. While his Feudal Japan-inspired Yu Shou Long twin dragons started things off, new pieces including the six-legged Hoi Ba Long push Tang’s aesthetic forward.

As he has done with previous releases, Tang has just introduced a mini version of Hoi Ba Long featuring the same inspired design, at a much smaller scale. At 4.2″ the Mini Hoi Ba Long is perfectly sized for the desk or cubicle and also easier on the wallet.  It’s available for pre-order through Black Seed’s retail network which includes myplasticheart (USA, $59.99), Toy Station (HK), Vintage & Vinyl Club (HK), Playtoysforever (TW), and JP Toys (TH).