‘Master 9 Eyes’ Kickstarter by Daytoner x Pure Arts

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Pure Arts has launched a Kickstarter Campaign for the Master 9 Eyes art toy(s) by Daytoner which we excitedly mentioned a few weeks back. Master 9 Eyes (M9E) features a dynamic sculpt of a hulking, yet deceptively agile robotic swordsman.  Interestingly, Pure Arts is offering M9E in two different formats: a deluxe, 1/6 resin figure (12″) with engraved plexiglass base and a 1/12 vinyl figure (6″). The vinyl version is available for an early-backer price of $60 (normally $70) and the larger resin version is available for $350 for early backers (normally $399).

With the first already unlocked goal (25%), Pure Arts has introduced the White (+Orange) PHNTM P4ND4 edition in the 1/6 resin format. A vinyl version of the White Edition will be unlocked with 100% funding. Among the stretch goals, a third colorway awaits at 300% funding.

Check out all the reward levels and options over at the Kickstarter for Daytoner’s exciting creation.