Exquisite Corpse Dunny Series Preview: ‘Mr. Hubert’ by Luiz Unreal x Tim Munz x Kidrobot

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As we near the end of the previews for the Exquisite Corpse Dunny Series—curated by and featuring the artist of Red Mutuca Studios—Kidrobot has revealed Mr. Hubert from Luiz Unreal x Tim Munz.  As with Sergio Mancini’s design for the series, there are two colorways of this new design, the regular blue Mr. Hubert (3/48 odds) and a sepia-toned Mr. Hubert 35 MM (3/48) odds. Mr. Hubert’s facial expression is priceless. An homage to Steven King’s gripping, horrific tale, Hubert’s vest features a very familiar pattern.

This piece was inspired by people who have premonitions and how scary it is to know the moment of death itself.” – Luiz Unreal and Tim Munz.

Curated by Red Mutucua Studios and CoART Magazine, the upcoming Dunny series is the first to utilize the new modular Dunny which allows parts to be easily swapped in and out thanks to a magnetic head, torso and legs along with plug-style arms (see video below). The series is named after the creative challenge Frida Kahlo and other Surrealist painters enjoyed, which involves painting a portrait on a folded sheet of paper with each artist creating a section (head, torso, etc) without seeing the others’ work.

The Exquisite Corpse Dunny series will be released on Friday, February 7th 2020 at 8 AM PST from Kidrobot’s online store and select retailers. So far KR has previewed designs from eleven of the twelve announced artists, all except QUICCS.