Capsubeans ‘Deep Space’ Minis

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HK-based Capsubeans is downsizing their fun, colorful bean-shaped characters for their first-ever blindboxed series. The upcoming Deep Space minis features Capsubeans who are taking their careers into the cosmos including a fireman, chef, construction worker and more. The designs (eight standard, 2 secret) are well-conceived with clever ‘hats’ and hand-held accessories to deepen each Capsubean’s story.

The Deep Space Minis are available for pre-order direct from the Capusbeans online shop in individual blindboxes ($10.99) or display cases ($85).  Each display case features a full set of eight characters unless it contains one more secret characters.  UK/EU-based collectors might want to order from Toy Chronicle to save on shipping. The minis are slated to ship out in mid-March 2020.

What’s your favorite Deep Space design? We’re partial to the Jester and the Chef because you wouldn’t expect to see them in a ‘space’ set.