BMW M2 2020 by Futura 2000

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At this weekend’s Frieze Los Angeles art fair, BMW unveiled two M2 2020 coupes featuring striking paint designs by none other than Futura 2000. The milestone collaboration is a natural fit for the artist who is a long-time BMW owner and enthusiast.

The first 1/1 car was handpainted by Futura himself and features an abstract treatment. With sparse jagged lines and mist patterns, the design might remind some of the night sky and turbulent weather. This unique car is one of three M2’s to be hand-painted by Futura.

The second M2 2020 is  inspired by the hand-painted car that streamlines the design down to its key elements. The design continues to the interior of the car with trim strips and a center console featuring Futura’s concept. As reported by BMW Blog, the BM2 M2 Competition Edition designed by Futura 2000 is expected go on sale on February 18th, 2020 with prices starting at around $69,000. BMW has opened online registration for those interested in purchasing the vehicle.