‘Animal Fashion Show’ by Ayla x Pop Mart

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Pop Mart’s next mini series is Animal Fashion Show by  Chinese artist Ayla (Xuan Yi).  Ayla’s Deer Elf character was originally released as larger, stand-alone vinyl art toys for 2019, first with September’s Ayla figure without antlers and then again in December with the Winter Elf figure featuring her elegant deer antlers. Now, the Deer Elf makes her mini debut with the Animal Fashion Show series which sees her hitting the runway in several elaborate, dramatic animal-themed outfits including Black Crow, Octopus Queen, Purple Fox, Teddy Bear and more.  While some of the designs tend to fit the ‘cute’ profile, many others stay close to the elevated fashion theme.

As is standard with Pop Mart blindbox mini series, Animal Fashion features 12 standard designs and one chase (Dove Of Peace). The series was slated for release on February 8th in China. A full display case (12 blindboxes) features the full set unless one is replaced by the chase.  The series is available for pre-order from select USA retailers including myplasticheart.  Please note that this series may be delayed by the extended CNY holiday due to the Novel Corona Virus outbreak.