TEQ63 Retro Destroyer IamRetro Exclusive by QUICCS x Martian Toys

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IamRetro will start 2020 with its new exclusive TEQ63 Retro Destroyer vinyl art toy from QUICCS and Martian Toys. Many will recognize the new design as a nod to IamRetro’s first TEQ63 exclusive, the Super Retro TEQ63 (2018). Where Super Retro paid homage to the Nintendo’s SNES console, Retro Destroyer goes 8-bit old school with a design celebrating the legendary NES.

Clad in the classic gray, red and black, the new Retro Destroyer is a fun look back with numerous nostalgic graphic elements including a Space Invaders-inspired design at the rear of the hoodie, a Power Glove insignia on the right arm, a classic ‘Game Over’ on the hood, a partial NES game controller riff on the side of the helmet, and the IamRetro logo rendered in the classic Nintendo style. And that’s just the rear and side of the figure shown in these first teaser images.  We’re expecting a full reveal shortly ahead of the IamRetro Exclusive TEQ63 Retro Destroyer release set for Tuesday (1.7).