Pot Head Art Toy by Bob Dob x 3DRetro

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‘Bob Dob is working with 3DRetro on a new Heads series of vinyl art toys.  Hot off the DesignerCon release of the debut figure, Coke Head, Bob Dob is offering the brand-new Pot Head art toy in special deluxe sets.  The humorous new figure continues the play on words, surreal concept with a somewhat dour gentleman with yes, a large metal pot for a head.  The eye-catching idea and the detailed facial expression are the draws here.

The artist’s deluxe sets include a hand-embellished, signed and numbered Pot Head, 2 giclee prints: Pot Head City (13×17″) and Pot Head (9×13″), a randomly selected 5×7″ production sketch drawing, and a pair of Legends Pot Head socks. In terms of the embellishments, it appears that Bob Dob has added classic white toes to Pot Head’s black sneakers. Limited to 20 sets, Bob Dob’s Pot Head sets are available now direct from his web shop for $375/set. While not specifically labelled as such, these deluxe sets appear to be Bob Dob’s artist proofs and come ahead of the general release.