Nana Astro by SKM Lab

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Meet Nana Astro, SKM Lab’s new resin art toy character.  With space art toys being quite popular at the moment—space race, anyone?—there’s no shortage of astronauts, space explorers and more. While most of these toys feature stylized characters in wild color schemes, SKM is rotating into a new orbit, opting for a more realistic visual approach with a photorealistic paint style for Nana and her retro-colored space suit. There’s still room for whimsical style—Nana Astro’s pack is overflowing with balloon hearts.

Apparently based on the creator’s cat, Nana Astro  is available in two versions—standing (11.42″) and sitting (9.45″) Both are limited to 50 pieces and judging by the weight are cast in solid resin. Each version comes in a deluxe wooden box and includes a certificate of authenticity. In addition to the more realistic visuals, SKM is positioning Nana Astro at the upper reaches of the market with both editions retailing for 1,650,000 KRW ($1426) each. While both editions are available from the brand’s Naver store, we suggest DMing or emailing SKM Lab directly for purchase inquiries. It also appears that SKM Lab will be exhibiting Nana Astro at the upcoming Shanghai Toy Show.