Mindseye Trooper – Purple Ohm Edition by Will Sweeney x Fern x Unbox Industries

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UK artist Will Sweeney’s Mindseye Trooper vinyl art toy is drawn from his eclectic, energetic cosmic imagination—in particular, his Vorpal Sword zine— filled with all manner of aliens, space ships and intergalactic warriors.   Produced by Fern and Unbox Industries, the trooper offers a stylish, futuristic retro vibe with textured suit, funky ray gun, and oh yes, the little matter of the Oz-like pilot in the middle of the character’s torso.

The new Purple Ohm edition of the Mindseye Trooper is available from Medicom Toy’s Project 1/6 shop in Shibuya (Tokyo), Japan.  If you can’t make it to Japan, Unbox is also offering the new edition on Saturday (1.18) at 7 AM PDT form their online store.